Nude and Breast Freedom Parade Video Invitation

We assembled this video in spring of 1999, using our first laptop (wow!) computer. With the just-released version of Adobe Premier, the first version able to work with the DV standard, we were able to carry the project with us, working in cafes and hotel rooms across the country as we travelled. It was an enormously fun project!

We worked with clips from the annual parades between 1992 to 1998. Starting with about 20 hours of footage, we selected about 13 minutes, and finally banged it all down to a minute and a half. (Whew!)

It was aired on SF Bay Area TV stations to invite people to the parades for 1999, 2000 and 2001.

Script and Direction Marty Kent and Debbie Moore
Videography Michael Alvin
Carol "Scarlet Harlot" Leigh
Graphics Debbie Moore
Ocean Byrne
Marty Kent
Editing, Motion Graphics, Music and Narration Marty Kent
Assistant Editors Debbie Moore
Michael Alvin
Video Postproduction Services Sixth Sense Video Kitchen
Berkeley, CA, USA
Special Thanks to Our Broadcasters Berkeley Community Media TV
City Visions TV, San Francisco
Mid-Penninsula TV, Palo Alto

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