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The Performance of Love Actions

by Deb Moore, February 1997

"Love Actions" are a way of life and art. They raise our belief in what we can create and experience with our naked bodies. When I perform a "Love Action" each "Act" springs from each specific audience, springs from the response that you, as audience, enter into with me. My Love Action also springs from my love for you and from what that love compels my naked body to do with you.

For twenty five years I have lived among personal truth seekers, strong thinkers, and those who experiment in performance, painting, and in the art of intimate living. I have had the happiness of loving these thinkers and explorers, the inspiration of "feeling" them inwardly and living communally from the source of unified sensing that has transcended established societal norms. Our love for each other has compelled us to be quite naked and given over to each other in daily life.

We live life from a state I now call "group body". We find that attunement to each other creates a base that allows our sense of group body to expand to encompass new people and new art forms. The mind and body connection that we sustain with each other allows us to compel involvement with audience people. As we raise the standards of tenderness within our group body, the standards of tenderness with society evolve.

The Love Actions we perform have caused me to feel fruitful and passionate beyond my furthest expectations. Those who share their love, their bodies and their art making with me have vastly increased my range of experience and expression. Life is enchanted when humans move naked in sensual streams, channeling electric forces.

I "read" people's bodies to feel their psyche and know them directly, paint people's bodies to reveal their beauties, and perform Love Actions to enthuse our world. I feel called out by certain individuals to create specific rituals of response and initiations. These rituals can be a simple naked walk, processional, or pilgrimage, a wading barefoot through mud, a group crawl on bare bellies through fragrant grasses, a still embrace that surrounds rock or tree trunk. All the while our group body ushers in states of prayer, elation, waking dreaming, and heightened loving. From within our group body we practice and learn to live actively in a more responsive state. And so our street theater, rites of passage, initiations into intimacy and direct personal savoring enthuse our lives and the lives of those who see or participate with us.

Those who perform Love Actions with me also commune with me in everyday life. People in out society deeply request entry into familiarity and on-going communion with us. Our performances allow us to answer to those who call to us and evolve ever heightening standards of love together. Many players who go naked with us have returned repeatedly for years to continue to gain skill and stability in the every changing waters of our group body.

Performing daily allows us to share body intimacy and mind connection with our expanding tribe of loved ones as well as expand the quality of touch, the language of touch, the depth of naked rapport we have with our society. We learn to give our bodies over to each other for many kinds of embrace, motion and artistry. Our bodies form group sculpture, perform links with the dead, become painted, turn into plates covered with birthday cake, mimic and mirror each other, bury each other, draw sounds and specific motions out of each other and speak to each other in new gestures.

Along with nakedness we endeavor to give inner visibility, vulnerability, abandon, and loving availability. We pay strong attention to each other and take great care of each other. The experience of each other naked is full of magic when we really do expose our inner nature to each other as well as our bodies. Not only is magic emitted between us, but magic flows out of each natural setting. Nature's forces come pouring through breezes, sunlight, the motion of leaves, tree limbs, grasses, and the stillness of trees to escort us into ecstatic states. Nature's rawness calls us out of our clothing and draws us into more slowed down, delicate expression with each other.

Our group body becomes so altered by natural phenomena, that our rhythms are altered, our feelings become heightened, our gentleness increases. Nature's voices in birdsong, motions and flows connect us with the divine. We can spend hours slowed by the radiance of sunlight, consumed in states of rapture, savoring the growing warmth and intensity, absorbing waves of warming as the sun's radiance increases and subsides. Our inner states keep changing as sun and wind change, and we move in pace with those changes until we look and seem slow like turtles or wildly giddy like birds. Flooded by scents from everywhere we are absorbed into idyllic states. We move as one flock, embraced by the world of the alive and blossoming.

On of our performance rituals springs from the desire to initiate a young person or new person into the group body. We place our focus on the initiate while paying homage to their body, bringing our inner pace into alignment with their inner pace. We may all place hands upon them, clapping their body with slow rhythms, or we may blindfold them and draw them into slow dancing motion. We may bring their body into cohesion with a specific site, plant, or person by rocking them or holding them there within that place or person's body. As the ritual of initiation continues we monitor the changes we all feel in group body sensation and judge the extent of our communion together.

When we are all sensing that our initiate has become quite merged, we can escalate the intensity of the ritual, even taking our group body into arenas that are more chaotic. Often we will spend many hours with newcomers in areas of quiet and slowed down natural settings. Once merged into strong body coherence and group communion we emerge into the downtown business district of town, or a more fast paced part of town. There we will find further ways of sustaining our strong sense of each other while wrestling with the tensions of the modern world.

Music, dance, comic theater antics, body sculpting and painting are all arts that aid us in escorting initiates through the clash and chaos of modern world abrasion. When some of our group body participants lose their sense of communion and become infused with the nervous tensions of the downtown world, our rhythmic voices, touches and motions bring them back to us. The arts that we choose are those that most clearly boost our alignment with a specific initiate. For some the frivolity of dance and singing are magical transport. For others slow, rocking while walking arm-in-arm is more cohering. For others still the wild stomping and animalistic acrobatics are most effective in forming group resonance. It is up to each of us to stand vigil and lead the group in forming group body.

We are at a point now where we have a core of people who know how to "read" each other's bodies and know how to bring new initiates into deeper states of group merging. Each of the people in our core spend various amounts of time between organized rituals to be together in daily life. Simple practical situations like eating and preparing meals, working and child rearing provide opportunities for evolving our group body in smaller groups of threes, fours, fives. Each set of loved ones that evolve into more advanced states of deep rapture, warmth and sensitivity to each other are escalating the ability of the entire to group to merge into group body.

Once we have spent years evolving our standards of loving and our states of attunment, we can perform rituals that bring the larger community into higher standards. Our ritual performances are cherished times for us, times of celebration and learning, because we are utilizing newly discovered skills with the larger community. We often repeat rituals each season to experience our advancement into new states of group body as the years go by. With each season, some of us become more familiar while others join in for the first time.

After evolving within group body for twenty five years, I am experiencing deeper states of involvement with specific bodies of land. I find that some sites bring us into states of mind far different than other sites, and I try to choose sites relative to the needs of an initiate or the group. I also find myself being more and more grateful for the leadership of others in the group body who instigate and deliver a great range of experiences to me and each other. I continue to be grateful for the bounty of loved ones who travel into heightened mind/body resonance with me, and grateful for the variety of natural forces that these loved ones emanate. In a modern world that has fallen so far from sensing land and body oneness, I am grateful for the love actions that draw us back into the fold, the pace and the nature of humanness.

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