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Winter Solstice 1997

The solstice is the cusp
between memory
	the treasuring of things past and gone
and dream-imagination
	the creation of ways for the future

the light has been fading for six months now
the challenge to our endurance ever growing
slowing down, holding our fires tighter and closer
looking over our shoulders to contemplate the dead

	David Nadel, Moe Moskowitz
		our beloved brothers
		and partners in crime

	Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs
		great heroes of words
		inspiring our youths and adulthood

	our own families, our own selves
	shattered by forces of change,
	by age, by time

we touch their remains,
we love them again
we move on

the solstice is the cusp
we pass through the longest night
	the longest night of the year
and the light begins to grow again

at the end of The Seven Samurai
the two still alive, old friends, 
look all around, 
look to each other and say
"Again we've survived"
Again we've survived

we begin anew with WHAT IS
we take our time, Nature's time
the growth of the light carries us UP
	carries our imaginations up and out
we bathe in the Light
streaming in the Earth's slow tide of light
swallowed in the Earth's great tide of Life

		- Marty Kent
		  15 December 1997

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