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This site has information about the history and current doings of the X-Plicit Players, a nude performance group in the psychedelic tradition. We're based in Berkeley, California, and directed by Deb Moore and Marty Kent.

The Latest News

Berkeley City Council to Vote on Anti-Nudity Ordinance, Tuesday 9 June 98!

X-Plicit Players Upcoming Events for May - June 1998

Charges Against X-plicit Players Dropped! 10 April 98

  [Photo of X-Plicit Players in 
Peoples Park]
X-plicit Players in Peoples Park, Winter Solstice 1997

A Little Taste

The X-plicit Players fight to stay naked and free on the streets and in the parks of Berkeley. We create performance events that invite people to go beyond their isolated bodies; to sense and join each other, creating group body.

We follow a pathway to draw out each others' inner bodies; exposing the skin behind clothes; exposing bodies of feeling, bodies of emotion and bodies of thought behind the skin. We experience vulnerability, abandon and loving availability; we pay strong attention to each other and take great care of each other. Our experience of each other is full of magic when we expose our inner natures as well as our bodies.

We feel called out by certain individuals to create specific rituals of response and initiation. Our bodies form a group sculpture, perform links with the dead, turn into plates covered with birthday cake, mimic and mirror each other, draw sounds and specific motions from each other, and speak to each other in the new gestures of freshly re-invented language.

Not only does magic flow between us, but magic emerges from each natural setting. Nature's forces come pouring through sunlight, breezes, and the motion and stillness of leaves, grasses and trees, to escort us into ecstatic states. Our inner states keep changing as sun and wind change, and we move in pace with those changes, until we look and seem slow like turtles, or wildly giddy like birds.

In performance, we develop our standards of loving and states of attunement, so we can then perform public rituals that bring a larger community into higher states. We often repeat performances to advance into new states of group body; with each performance, some of us become more familiar while others join the magic for the first time.

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Email         xpp1998@xplicitplayers.com

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