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Sunday, August 15, 1999
X-plicit Players in Gainesville, Florida

We're pleased to be returning to Gainesville, where we'll be doing an event set up by people we met at our earlier visits to that sweet city! Our performance will feature a mix of new and old pieces, including Heart Sounds, the Tour of Touch, Body Streaming and Nature and Boxes.

See a poster for the performance.

7pm, Moon Goddess, 4018 NW 6th Street, Gainesville. $10.

Local information (352) 367 0683

Sunday, September 19
The 8th Annual Berkeley Nude and Breast-Freedom Parade!

Once again that time of year is upon us when we gather to the streets everyone who wants to realize the freedom to dress or undress as they feel best to celebrate our bodies.

Freedom-Lovers, Body-Enjoyers, Naturists, Nudists, and other Celebrants...


Come bask in, and help generate, the psychic sunshine of the Berkeley "Urban Naturist" experience!

Dress or undress to suit yourself; clothed people are quite welcome.

And if you can't be there in the flesh, send us some of your spirit!

Noon, People's Park, between Telegraph & Bowditch and Haste & Dwight in Berkeley.

Sunday, September 26
The "How Berkeley Can You Be?" Parade

Rather to our surprise, we've been specifically invited to be part of this year's "How Berkeley Can You Be?" Parade. Amongst the "80 art cars from around the country" (doesn't sound too BERKELEY to me...) and the various other yuppie appurtanances and wild floats, you'll find the X-plicit Players' contingent of naked humans rendering Paradise visible to an always-appreciative crowd.

A group of us will be moving through the street nude, as part of a much bigger parade. Part of our group will be carrying large colorful signs, while the rest of us reach out and touch the observers on the sidewalk. This will be our third year in the How Berkeley Can You Be Parade and the crowd has always received us with tremendous warmth and appreciation (which is why we keep coming back).

We emphasize coherence of attention and an intimate feeling amongst our parade group; we're not just displaying nudity but also advanced states of friendliness.

We'll be having a "practice" for the parade on Friday night, at 8pm, at our warehouse/performance space at 1109 Addison in Berkeley.

For the parade, we'll be gathering in front of 2209 California St at 10:30am to take our place in the parade. Come and join us!

Monday (and probably Tuesday), September 27/28
X-plicit Players on Trial!

Deb Moore and Marty Kent face charges of violating the Berkeley (former home of the free) anti-nudity ordinance.

Despite the fact that last year's City Council decision made our "violations" of the anti-nudity ordinance mere infractions, the case is being prosecuted by the City Attorney herself (i.e. the city government's highest-level attorney).

And, on the X-plicits' side, expert witnesses are flying in from as far away as the East Coast to testify on our behalf.

Come down and watch and learn as the legal professionals and the highly-educated folks from far away battle it out about what's best for the street people of Berkeley!

Berkeley Municipal Court, 2000 Center St (at Milvia), Dept 3, beginning at 10am.

Sunday, February 13, 2000
X-plicit Players in the New Guinea Sculpture Garden

On the day before St. Valentine's, the X-plicit Players conduct rituals of love amongst giant totemic sculptures, celebrating our nature as tribesmen, as people, as animals and as living creatures.

2-4pm, New Guinea Sculpture Garden, Stanford University Campus, Palo Alto.

The Sculpture Garden is located on the campus of Stanford University, in Palo Alto. It's in an oak and cedar grove in front of Roble Dormitory, near the intersection of Lomita Drive and Santa Teresa Street.

Here's a map of the area near the sculpture garden.

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