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[Tom's birthday suit parade] We open Tom's Birthday Suit Ritual by serenading him on didgeridoo and flute. First we will make a human body womb around Tom and escort him through a rebirthing walk, then we will cradle him while he reads a memorial poem to his mother. People's Park, 2/15/98.

During the Winter Solstice '97 ceremony in People's Park, the X-plicit Players dance around the David Nadel memorial tree. Marty says, "The solstice is the cusp between memory and memorial, the treasuring of things past and gone, and dream-imagination, envisioning, the creation of ways for the future." People's Park, 12/21/97 [Solstice dance around the tree]

[Box family portrait] Earth Day 1998

The entourage of boxed Players moved slowly from within the confines of their boxes. They distributed documents describing "What Being in Boxes has to do with Earth Day".

[Box ritual] Berkeley Civic Center Building, 4/28/98

Men, Women and children stand "boxed-in" outside the Berkeley City Council Meeting, their bodies making a magical mandala. They stand vigil over the Council's proceedings to make sure that the Council does not vote to take away their access to a jury when undergoing future trials for breaking the anti-nudity ordinance.


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