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The Naked Tribe

We are a tribe that frequents Berkeley in states of naked abandon. We have merged our sense of body into one body. When we dance, sing, embrace and move together we learn to be in an ever deepening state of rapport with each other.

Each person sends out an energy from each part of their body that contacts everyone else in each part of their body. We are discovering how to move one another's body parts along. By holding on to an ankle, shoulder, belly, we sustain currents of electricity flowing out into our hold. The electricity keeps us warm in our holding.

Each of us moves our grasp from one part of each other to another part in unison. We move in slow motion to allow us to keep certain of what exactly we are feeling from each body part. The emanations that leave one spirit to inhabit part of the body of another are as potent as rays of sunlight. When we receive these emanations we know we are really channeling each other, allowing incarnation of each other to occur within us.

We turn our bodies into parts of each other. As our minds expand consciousness to truly envelop each other's "feeling" we reach states of great fullness. We watch each other move with our eyes and take "feeling" from that watching into our hearts. We touch each other from time to time to keep up the ability to know each other in "feeling".

To touch the air between our bodies is also to tap into each other's state of body. To touch the grass together and feel the sun together are more ways of channeling each other. We place our bodies in still body sculptures and sprinkle bits of sand over our skins to feel the connection between us stabilize, materialize.

Our group body is a shrine that we visit together and we live within it in a state of prayer.


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