We walk around the periphery of the performance space, outside the backs of the audience, ringing a set of bells held aloft, above everyone's' heads. In an indoor performance, we'll move around near the walls of the room; for an outdoor event, we'll choose a certain line that defines what we take as "our space".


This gesture divides Space into two parts. One part contains the performance, the other does not. We become effective by focussing, by limiting our efforts to take effect within a circumscribed space. We make no claim to change "The World"; we make a devoted effort to change the experienced flavor and feeling within our claimed performance space.

The bells we ring are sacred, having been brought to us by desire, prayer and chance, not by purchase or other act of will. Their beautiful sound falls on the tops of peoples' heads, and from behind, from outside their conscious focus, invoking the realm of magic, upon which all our efforts ultimately depend.

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