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X-plicit Customs at Home

a script introduction at Club Ashkenaz

The community we live in is a body.
Each of our homes spread out across the map
covering the face of the earth with vessels of life.
Like ships moving on a sea, our homes
gravitate toward each other and move apart
as we become known to each other.
When we are known to each other,
we step in and out of each other's homes
like stepping through different rooms
of one enormous house.
When we invite each other to enter in
to one of our dwellings,
As we have been invited into Ashkenaz,
Then we share one vessel, we house each other.
What is to be the state of being that exists
in our "home" here with each other tonight?
And what will be the place of communion
we share with each other on future occasions
when we move from one of our dwellings to another.

Ashkenaz allows us many great freedoms.
This place is a home where high standards
of communion can be experienced.
In the privacy of these walls we can bare
our bodies and our souls to each other
and experience extremely personal communications.

We X-plicit Players will treat this as our home tonight
and hope that you will feel invited to experience
many of the customs that go on between us at home.
We hope you will bring your customs to us by showing yourself
and touching us in ways that are customary in your home.
We hope that you will expose your most valued ways to us.
Show us how you communicate body to body,
the gestures you make to your trusted and loved ones.
Show us how to know you and where to find you
within your body and through a variety of mind states.
We want to go on a tour of your neighborhood,
finding the places where you keep your thoughts and feelings,
held inside the home that is your vessel of body.


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