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The Fifth Annual Breast/Nude Parade, a ritual


Some say the sky here must disappear
And forever be covered by cement ceilings,
plastic, and warfare.

Some say the trees here must be eliminated
Never to shade, comfort and embrace us again.

Some say the earth here is not fit
To lie upon, and our skin will never
Touch the grasses and soft ground here again.

Some say that they must now cover our bodies
With shame and gender division so that
Our chests and breasts may never again feel
The light of day and never be seen again.


We gather here today to save and kindle
Our strong love of each human body here,
Each Tree Body, earth and sky body here.

Let us now hold each other's hands and
Plant ourselves in the great beauty of this
Outdoor place

Entrusting our revealed chests to each other

To receive blessings of love and light

From each others' gaze and the
warmth of sun and plant life.


Let us celebrate breast freedom in
this place of sunlit grasses, People's Park
is our shrine, our home, and our body.

We take its gift of life into us,
Breathe deep of its air waves and
Drink deep of its sunny chest heat.

Here in the surrounding sky of summer,
we make our nest.

Placing our open hearts, breasts
and chest meats under the sunlight,
We foster all the loving we will do
this next year.

Love pours out through our bodies
and feeds the sky, the people, the plants,
the birds and babies of earthly realms
while taking heat back into us from
the sky and spirit realms.

Seeds pour over us, dancing through
light waves and breezes,
spilling from our breasts
in milk and softness.
Each seed shed by tree, flower, fruit
and breast will feed
the plants of this place and
the people of this place for another year.

Each person, plant and spirit who
catches sight of us this day
will be fed by our love and be
planted well in the earth of this place
for blossoming and harvest during this next year.

We also bless the Headlands Forest and
the women, men and children of Iran,
may they flourish and live beyond greed.
We watch over your lives this year.


Now we remake our promise
To each other and this land...

To keep our breasts free,
Our bodies safe and vulnerable to each other.

To keep our invitation strong to be
seen, loved, and cherished in our
breast visibility.

To plant our love here with these trees
and the life of this place they support.

To keep our country clear of war and repression,

And to reunite in tenderness here
again and again.


Body Of Love - while bodies are painted like trees.
Babe in Arms - while bodies are rocked and embraced.


Let us carry the feeling of our love
and the communion of our bodies
with the trees and each other

As we move hand in hand through
the streets that surround this place.

Let us re-unite with old friends,
dance in celebration with new ones
And keep nature's forces
pouring from our breasts.


If anyone should interrupt us,
let us correct them with peacemaking
non-violent music, request that they
"let them be Breastfree."

Let us go to the place that
they should take any of us
singing our insistent song,
"let them be Breastfree."

Remember to keep a gentle
human handheld link as we travel,
watching over each others' bodies,
keeping each other happy and united.

Let's sing the Breast Freedom Song!


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