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The 6th Annual Breast/Nude Freedom Parade

Waking up the morning of the parade,
like Christmas am. with visions of
dancing human plums alive in my head.

They're galavanting around in skins of all
out-going knees, thumbs and navels
alight upon the town.

These nude nymphs and daring young men
meet beefy friends undressed for fun
for dazzling and sky lancing the world with
their finally freed up cocks and boobs,
swizzling pussy hairs and yummy ass cheeks,
all bouncing in relation to one another.

We have some unique karma,
sent down to dismantle the artificial
coverings of self and to rely
on thin air as our travelogue,
dancing out a message of love
in the garb that nature gave us...

The forms of flesh are floating
around in clouds of romance,
embraces thick and cheering,
warm skips and jumps along grasses
of warm and wet eyes and miles
of smiling tender on-lookers.

Grab hold of anyone's body,
grab hold and give up into the wailing
rejoice of friendship pulled down
to earth by footsteps along the parade
the entanglement of elbows breasts and
bellies bounding into one another stirring
up forces of physical release.

Released to wave winged motions with
so many arms all wagging at once,
our flock has come in to come out.

We sail along the edge of buildings like
a fleshly wall of gyrations ambling
like a river of give.

We are a tribute to the emancipation
of the slaves of every color and weight,
slaves to industry, yuppie dogma and
slaves to parents' shame, slaves to
the work ethic that keeps stiffness
banging arms down and breasts strung up.

We flail around in each others' countenance,
each other's gaze alights within us,
as we swarm in humming jumbles,
any motion is fine dear,
when backed up by innocent playful joy,
and tenderness, like angel flutterings.

We give each other wings,
spinning embraces from every corner,
each edge softened by prevailing mind
that treats each body as your own,
your amble buttock, cheek and eye,
filled with gaiety and relief, song
and melodic phrasing of body sense.

What will we do?
Our body united will lead us.
Into tree worship and sky grazing,
Into long definite homage to one body,
Into watching each freckle and hair,
Into jostling each other with newly found motion,
Into singing loud and dancing wild,
Into moving all the bodily places that were tight,
Into springing open the coil between us,
Into godliness, goddessness, and humanness,

We have brought the human body back!


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