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Here's a map of the organization of the pages of this web site. At the "top level" are the introduction, a page about the designers of the site itself, a page about how to get in touch with us, and the main table of contents.

The main table of contents divides the pages into four categories, some of which are further subdivided as well. Each page has links to its "parent" page, and to the other pages in its group. Many of the pages have links all over the place to other pages within or outside the site, but this tree structure is the simplest way of keeping track of some of their relationships.

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Introducing the X-plicit Players

Main Table of Contents
  Theater in the Psychedelic Tradition
    Indoor Performances Gallery
Tour of Touch
X-plicit Customs
Naked in the Streets
    Outdoor Performances Gallery
Winter Solstice '97
The 6th Annual Breast/Nude Freedom Parade
The 5th Annual Breast/Nude Freedom Parade
    Creating Group Body
The Naked Tribe
Vanguard E-zine Interview
Current Events and Legal Situations
    Upcoming Events
      Calendar of Upcoming Events
    Recent Events
      Recent Events Gallery
Nature in Boxes
Birthday Ritual for Tom Ross
    Legal Matters
      Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Berkeley anti-nudity ordinance
Legal Matters Gallery
City Council to Vote on Anti-Nudity Ordinance
Anti-nudity charges Dropped!

Get in Touch with Us
About this Web Site

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